Vodafone competitions - has anyone ever won?

Posted 30th Nov 2022 (Posted 13 h, 37 m ago)
I've been playing the "win a £1000 voucher every day until Christmas" game and I think I've just depressed myself with it, losing every morning!
I don't seem to remember anyone I know winning, do you think there are genuinely several people winning a £1000 voucher every day?
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    Nope. I enter them all. Never win.
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    There was a competition on Vodafone VeryMe not long after it was first launched. I got an iPad - And unexpectedly also got given a prepaid data SIM, Screen protector and case to use with it too.

    Delivery took ages after winning. About 3 weeks from memory. but they did give me what I was told I had won and more.
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    I won once tickets to a concert in London. The concert was next day and I don’t live anywhere near London.
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    never won a single thing in any compo. would love to see if someone has because the cinic in me thinks its all a scam lol
    Yeah, I do suspect this too! I don't know anyone who's won anything, unless they're just keeping it to themselves (edited)
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    I have won on their twitter - got a new Ipad amongst other things - they do seem to enjoy giving things away via that route!
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    I won a meal out for 4 although had to pay the service charge which came to nearly £75
    I've always wondered about holiday cometitions, are they going to try and charge you when you're there? And added holiday charges could be in the hundreds.
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    Have entered 100's of O2 competitions over the years and have never one a thing
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    Same here! Rubbish!
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