Vodafone Contact Terms Change??

    Hey all, don't know if anyone can help me out with this. I've been with Vodafone for 7 months of an 18 month contract but just received the following text:

    From vodafone: We will be changing some of the prices for calls made outside your monthly prices plan. Know where you stand, call on 40033 for details.

    Now firstly, I'm assuming this isn't a scam since I seem to have had text from Vodafone before with 40XXX numbers. Please tell me if I'm wrong!

    Secondly I'm wondering if this change in terms is sufficient for me to get out of the contract early?

    Has anyone else had this? Or does anyone whose dealt with early terminations know if this is a good enough excuse to do it?

    Any help or advice appreciated!

    (p.s. Mods, if this is in the wrong place I'm sorry, seemed like the most appropriate?)


    I'd give it a ring to see what price changes etc they're making and if they affect you or not

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    I will do at some point. I was just wondering if there was a specific angle I should take (or avoid) if it is possible to terminate.


    I will do at some point. I was just wondering if there was a specific … I will do at some point. I was just wondering if there was a specific angle I should take (or avoid) if it is possible to terminate.

    depends on what the changes are!

    if it's charging you for 0870, 0845 etc numbers rather than coming out of your monthly bundle (which most are doing now) and you use these numbers then you have a vaild reason to terminate contract. Also, if they are increasing their prices and it's more than X amount I think you can also cancel your contract. Have a search on here for people trying to cancel their contracts because of change in terms and conditions, price rises etc for pointers.

    Hi DylJones

    Im in the same position as you, we have been discussing it over at this thread ]http//ww…ct/.

    Hope this helps and look forward to looking into this.


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    Found this thread:
    But looks like the increases aren't enough to cancel the contract

    Vodafone T's&C's are here:
    Of particular interest are sections 7 and 8 which are about right to cancel. I'm not sure hoe to find an RPI but to summarise it looks like they'd have to be increasing their prices by 10% or more to give you the right to cancel.
    I don't know what the prices changes are yet but I doubt they'd increase them so blatantly. Guess I find out what the increases are when i call them!

    from the Vodafone website

    a) You may end this Agreement immediately by writing to us if:-
    • during the Term

    i) we increase in the United Kingdom and under clause 7a, call or other usage charges which have the effect of increasing your call or other usage charges by more than 10% or the increase in RPI calculated as in 8a above (which ever is the greater) based upon your previous call or usage pattern;

    ii) you write to us before the increase takes effect.

    It seems that if you have used these types of number before and it means that the price increase would make your call charges rise by more that 10% then you have the right to cancel. If not then you can't.

    I was hoping it'd be a way out of my contract too but probably won't be now.

    Hey guys, also discussing this over at Vodafone official forums, thought you might be intrested...


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    heh. so that's 3 threads now but still no confirmation about cancelling

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    I had a look at the vodafone forum link.
    Looks like their staff are saying you can't cancel, but then they would, wouldn't they :D...
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