Found 5th Aug 2008
Hey i got a text from vodafone today saying they were changing their call charges for contract. does that allow me to get out of my contract? cheers


give them a call and ask them what they mean - they cant just change the line rental etc price you pay. I am wuith Vodafone too but never got a txt

191 from your phone

let us know how you get on...interesting to see what options it leaves us with

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there are more details if you call 40039 from a vodafone handset, i didnt know whether the costs were more expensive or less. tried calling them but they were shut will check it out tomorrow

Any more news on this?


Any more news on this?

Dunno. I've drafted a complaint to them based on the figures I dug upand posted in this thread:


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i called up vodafone and that i cant get out o my contract


i called up vodafone and that i cant get out o my contract

what did they say? did you try reason they changed details on what you originally signed up for

got a text of vodafone today, just says from next month their changing way i recieve bill summary and look out for info with next bill, nothing else

Hi everyone,

I have spoken to Vodafone after looking at my terms and conditions for my cotnract online at this address ]http//ht…003

The call centre staff knew nothing of the increase in call charges and then stated that I was not in a position to cancel my contract due to these. I did state the RPI etc (and they didnt understand what I was saying and tbh nor did I lol)

The person gave me an address to write to if I want to try and cancel;

Customer Relations
Vodafone ltd
Po box 549
OX17 3ZJ

Has anyone else tried or got any advice on the matter?

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