Vodafone Contract advice

    Hi, currently I'm paying £40 a month for unlimited texts and 500 minutes, and I'm 12 months into an 18 month deal

    So will be phoning up tomorrow to ask about the possibility of changing my price plan, to see if there are any cheaper but decent deals

    My question is has anybody done this and if so what deals have they got, and any advice when I do contact them, i.e. are they a pain in the balls to deal with

    Thanks for any replies in advance


    yea i've changed tariff plenty of times with o2. look on the vodaphone website and find what you want 1st . phone up and just ask to change your tariff. easy peesy

    you can change after 9 mths

    Original Poster

    I've looked on the website and there all minutes deals with no texts, pretty ****** deals to be honest, only reason I was phoning was on the chance that they would have a few more deals

    whats the harm in calling and asking. worst they can say is no and you just stay on the same tariff

    Original Poster

    That's what I'll be doing tomo as they are closed now

    i have just signed to taht contract but it is currently 25 quid a month, give it a go innit?
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