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    Hi all, am fairly new to this site, and would like some advice re my vodafone contract.
    I have 2 contracts with Vodafone, both due for upgrades in the next few days. I have found the phones I would like to upgrade to, keeping with my current tariffs on both phones, however on the Vodafone website it says that on my current price plans the phones would cost me £150, U700+U700violet PAYG free & Sony Ericsson K850i, £90.
    I am on 18month contracts, and this will be the second time I have upgraded.
    Is there any way I can negotiate a deal with them, in my favour, to avoid having to pay anything for the upgrade?
    I wouldn't like to threaten to cancel as I'm pretty sure I would not be able to get another contract phone.
    Also, on searching I know Orange would do the K850i for free on pretty much the same tariff I am on, could I use this to work in my favour?
    Any advice would be very much appreciated!


    just ask them what deals they can do on the phones you want, don't mention prices or cancelling at this time. once they state prices then say can you price match or do free as you've seen them on orange for free etc so if they can't ask to be put through to cancellations then and see what happens then, they'll more than likely put you through to retentions to give you some good/better deals than first operator could offer.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your response! I'll give it a go.
    Any other input would be great :thumbsup:

    Calling from your handset - ALWAYS go to the option of 'if you are thinking of leaving vodafone' or whatever it says.

    They are always able to offer better deals than if you select the 'upgrade' option (they won't tell you this, they'll just say 'I can only offer you what my system tells me').
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