Vodafone contract escape?

    I'm not massively up with this and i didn't know what section to post it in so here goes... perhaps someone can check it out.

    I received a text off Vodafone a couple of days ago stating:

    "From September 1 2006 picture and video messaging will be no longer included in vodafone extras packs. Please visit…ure for more details"

    Now I have a contract with them that includes 500texts. My picture messages normally count as 3 messages so does this mean this will no longer occur?

    I'm sure there are quite a few more people better versed in this than me on here and it may be of use to some people? :thumbsup:



    I got a letter through the post stating the same thing and as I see it this is a change to our terms and conditions similar to the O2 one someone posted on here a month or two ago.

    So does anyone know for definite if we (Vodafone customers) can cancel our contracts based on the changes to our add-on packs? I gather there is also a change to long texts where the second part is charged extra or something.


    Please see this thread and continue discussing it there in necessary:…448


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