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    Hi, advice needed, I'm 15 months into a Voda 18 month contract, however I'm sure that a few months back I read that the mobile internet on Voda would be free, I searched for the thread but couldn't find it

    I ask this as I'm been charged for using the mobile net, data charges as there classed, which I haven't noticed before in my monthly bill....the only sites I go on are Facebook, ebay mobile, Teamtalk,

    Any advice is appreciated


    feee for new customers only.....sorry for the bad news

    when did u start using sites like facebook etc on ur phone, have your bills been the same over the last 15 months apart from this months?,

    i,ve been with vodafone for a few years n recently upgraded my phone to a tocco, and i asked for free internet with my package which they did, maybe if you ask them when ur contract runs out shortly you will prob get it,

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    I went on my hols 2 months ago, and used the net whilst rightly enough got charged for it, however since I've got back I've also been charged, before my holiday my bill was the same £43 (rip off I know) a month regardless of using the sites, and its been a few months before I went away I was using the sites

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    feee for new customers only.....sorry for the bad news

    My fault so can't complain!
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