vodafone contract & port issue

    I want to get a new contract and give my old contract to someone else. Is it possible that we can both keep our current numbers. E.g. I would port my number to the new contract and they would port their number to my old contract. Is this possible or just a pipe dream?

    Thanks in advance.


    I'm pretty sure you need to end your current contract to get the Pac code to transfer your old number to your new phone. so in theory someone else can't get your old contract? hope that makes some sense lol

    some allow for name transfers but it's the porting the number out that will be the problem. can you not keep the sim you have and get new sim to port there number too?

    Porting the number out cancels the contract, so you can't swap numbers that way. You'd both have to port to a another networks payg, and then port back in, but by then the old contacts would be dead, so it wouldn't do what you want...
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