vodafone contract questions!

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Found 13th Feb 2010
i've been with o2 for years and my contract is up in a few days. I'm pretty sure i'm going to move to vodafone as they are offering the best deals on the htc hd2 which is the phone i really want.

Question is, are vodafone phones really badly branded? o2 don't put much on their phones but the last vodafone i had was terrible. Although it was years ago. I'm pretty sure i've read its easy enough to flash a stock firmware to these phones so not too worried. Just looking for anyones thoughts before i take the plunge.


Depands where you buy it from CPW Phones4U use sim free stock


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spit roast;7831413

Depands where you buy it from CPW Phones4U use sim free stockspitroast

cheers for that, unfortunatly it looks like dial-a-phone. They are doing the best deal at the minute. Can get a good 12month contract. I think phones4u might have a similar deal i'll need to check.


a good website about what people are doing to their phones... rom updates invalidate warranty


what issues people are having with the hd2 on vodafone.

I have the HTC touch pro 2... will be sending in my placement.
Signal is like a yoyo. I would be talking to someone with full bars, next min. its 0 and cuts off.
vodafone support has been not up to par. going to post something on here, see if I can terminate my contract early :X thats how bad its been.

only 500mb internet per month fair usage policy with vodafone, bit like having a Ferrari but only 5 gallons of fuel a month

i bought one from dialaphone, the phone is not branded and seems to be sim free.

The only problem is when i called Vodafone to activate the sim, they said it was unrecognised and couldn't activate it for me. Seems as though they have messed up my order not looking good for dialaphone atm.

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thanks for the replies folks. When i got my o2 contract with unlimited internet i thought i needed unlimited. I'm pretty sure i've never gone over 500mb. I'm not too worried about that. I thought i'd be tethering more than i actually did. I know the phone has some issues but i've read a lot of positive comments. The longer its out the better it will get I think with the updates rom's. I hope anyway.
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