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Just a little bit advice on where I stand, and if i can do anything, whether it be a little off my monthly bill, or whatever.....


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Its a long one! lol

Rang VF on Tuesday 16 June - my upgrade date (2months before current contract ends!)
Agreed £22.50 deal with new Nokia 5800 Handset - advised this would be delivered Wed

Wed - no delivery so rang and was told they would get it to me on 1st delivery Thurs 18th June.

Thurs - 11:45am arrived, so i contacted them asking where it was.... told it was Out of Stock. Was told I could upgrade in store, so finished work early to go in store and uprade there.
Thurs 18th PM. Store said could not upgrade as I had no ID, and also they couldn't match the £22.50 deal I had.. best they could was £25 same as Im paying now, so said, so its OK, I'll contract VF direct.
Thurs 5pm. Rang VF again, to cancel whole contract and thought that was end of it. (was offered 3 best deals, but still wanted to cancel!)
Thurs 6:30pm - Text arrived, saying phone dispatched to work (dont work on a fri) between 8-10am

Fri 8:10am - call from work to say phone arrived and signed for, and could I collect as it couldn't stay over weekend.
Fri 9:15am - called VF again, to complain about this, and spoke to nice guy. Agreed £19.99pm contract 18month, new 5800.

Tues 23rd June: Received Curtosy (sp) call from VF asking my views about new upgrade. Aired my views (good and bad!), and was told someone would phone me back within a few days to discuss futher.

Today AM: Checked account online and im still being charged for Mobile Internet (and have been for 5 months). This was supposed to amended 4 month ago but still every month, I get charged. Rang VF to ask about return call, and to complain about this issue again - On hold for 35mins (thank god its a free call!) then just hung up.

New contract started Friday 19th, so 9 days into it. when I do speak to them can stil cancel the contract as they fail to deliver what I want. The new 5800 isn't all what I thought it would be, so may try for the Nokia 97 if I can get it at £20 a month. VF reckon its not they job to pay customers to stay with them - its Our job to pay VF to BE with them.

Basically your screwed.

The DSR's do not apply to mobile phone contracts in any case, although Vodaphone do offer in their T&C's the same 7 days. You have exceeded this so only have yourself to blame for not deciding sooner than 7 days that you did not like the phone. They can hold you to your new contract or charge you the full amount and there is nothing you can do about that now.

I don't think you'll be able to get Vodafone to change the handset and even if they do there's no way you're getting an Vodafone N97 for 20 pounds a month unless you mean 20 pounds more per month although at the moment Vodafone aren't giving much preference to upgrading customers for N97's.

Vodafone have their own forum at and although it's meant to be for technical support only the eForum team are often very helpful, much better than those on 191.


Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but whenever I've upgraded with VF I've always had a 14 day cooling off period in which I can cancel my contract?

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Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but whenever I've upgraded with VF I've … Perhaps I'm misunderstanding but whenever I've upgraded with VF I've always had a 14 day cooling off period in which I can cancel my contract?

yea, thats what I got told. Also, just been informed you have to PAY for picture messaging, even if you have Unlimited Texts :x
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