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    I'm 26 and still on a pay as you go phone lol :-) As I can now afford to not be such a tight fisted git I have decided to dip my toe in the daunting world of contract mobile phones. I really want to get the Nokia N95 on vodafone (although if anyone thinks another provider offers a better deal please say) but was wondering if anyone could confirm whether the minutes on offer (like the deal linked below) are cross network and whether the inclusive minutes also include landlines, and if they don't, is there any option to pay a little more every month to have inclusive landline minutes.

    Also, according to quidco, vodafone pay out £90 on contract phones. Is there a good chance I would see any of that?

    Thanks in advance for any help :-) Here is a link to a deal I would be interested in:…lan

    I would be interested in the £35 plan with 500 free anytime mins and unlimited texts. I apologise in advance for being a dumbass on this subject :-)


    my only advise is phones for you will give you a better deal than direct with vodaphone its amazing what you can squeeze out of a salesman tell them what you want
    ps dont pay more than £30 for 500 mins

    if you take your contract out online you can get £90 quidco cashback and 3mths half price

    The anytime price plan minutes include both calls to landlines with an area dialling code (01, 02) but not 08xx numbers (not even 0800), calls to other UK networks are included.…041

    "Remember, you can use Anytime minutes to call any UK landline or mobile any time of the day or night. "


    Just to add a word of caution on the landline numbers beginning with 01. If you plan to call places like Isle of Man, Jersey plus other Channel Islands etc... some providers do not count these places as part of the normal UK inclusive call and so they charge a higher rate to call these place. Make sure you check with your network operator to see how much it will cost to call theses places or expect a nasty surprise when your phone bill arrives.

    You are more likely to get the £90 if you follow all the methods to enable your cookies to be tracked. :thumbsup:

    You should compare the deals available from many different websites for N95 before making the decision. Look at and can almost certainly find a cheaper deal on these cashback sites than directly from Vodafone or O2 or T-mobile etc. The only problem is that some people reported to have trouble with cashbacks from some unreliable companies. In my opinion, from all things I have read, dialaphone is the most solid in giving cashbacks. Those two sites mentioned also give quidco cashback on as well.

    So check these out and get familiar with their deals and compare it to the different provider websites (Voda, O2, orange, etc) to find yourself the best deal.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your replies guys (and girls?). This is a bit of a minefield for me but I'll be looking into all your suggestions from work today

    I have a vodafone contract via the net through quidco with £90 cashback which have just received, I had the sony ericsson 910i havanawhich I am really pleased with, unlimited texts and 500 mins for £25 a month.

    But my daughter had a sim only contract (monthy contract you have to give 30 days notice) went over her mins and texts and the bill was £170 then next month was £80 so that was a big mistake. Vodafone wouldn't help me out with these bills so I have now cancelled and are looking else where, Orange would have rang and queried the usage! Just a little warning going over the contract tets and miutes cost a fortune so buy one that you know can keep under control unlike my daughter learning the hard way.
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