Vodafone Credit Check

    I ordered a contract last night, does anyone know roughly how long they take to decide whether they've accepted you or denied you?

    I ordered mobile broadband off them the other week at exactly the same time on the same day of the week (saturday night) and i'd had an email saying the credit check was ok and that only took about 8 hours.



    I think it is up to 3 days

    i order a sim card monthly no contract
    and try to order a contract phone but got denied coz i havent been with them for at least 3 mths so u probably will be denied

    Original Poster

    was with them two years ago aswell.


    was with them two years ago aswell. it shud be ok i suppose
    coz i only been with them a week lol :oops:

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    sharonwai;2665607 it shud be ok i supposecoz i only been with them a week lol :oops:

    ahh :-D.

    Also it should be different seeing as i ordered mbb/contract and you got simonly/contract.
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