Vodafone customer service - why....

    ...since the other day are they now using an indian call centre? What a nightmare! Called them lots lately but today its been an indian call centre whenver I have called and its drivnig me mad!


    AWFUL is what they are !

    Took me best part of a week to get through after calling a few times a day, when I did I got cut off !

    Sent them an email and they replied 3 weeks later !!!

    Avoid !!!

    I ha*e them indian call centres, 1 out of 50 calls you'll get someone that CAN speak the language but doesn't know any of the processes

    Original Poster

    I was cut off twice earlier as well!!! I am trying to find out if my replacement phone coming monday but they cant tell me they just said! How useless!!!!

    Just called again and they still cant tell me - for gods sake, I am so annoyed! Am I just meant to wait in in case it turns up? Ahhh

    Im out of my 14 days next wed so I need the new phone monday or tuesday at the latest!

    try ringing business number 08700 746 464

    asking for joe bloggs or( whatever name you fancy - ) accounts director - they might say their real name - or at least get through to accounts - english site:thumbsup:

    be persistant - get your query sorted or there is always otelo

    good luck

    Vodafone customer services really is appauling! I shouldn't have changed over from O2, they were much better. I'm going back to O2 once my contract ends.
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