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Found 14th Dec 2017
How long does the free Spotify Premium last for when you end a Vodafone contract?

My 12 month sim only deal ended a few months back and has been rolling on on a monthly basis with my Spotify continuing.

I have used my PAK code to move to GiffGaff for a while before maybe signing up to another Voda deal through Mobiles.co.uk.

Question is my number ported over to GG last week effectively ending my Vodafone deal contract but my Spotify Premium still is active but for how much longer?
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Have you checked your bank statement, I’m pretty sure they just start charging you £9.99 and it doesn’t just stop. They send a text when it’s finishing but if you ported your number maybe they don’t
Nothing from Spotify on my bank statement so far but I am due a final bill from Vodafone.

Just thought the Spoty Premium would stop immediately when my mobile stopped. Either that or they’ve forgotten lol
It gets charged by Vodafone not Spotify, unless you cancel after your free period then they automatically charge you, but they do give warning by text and plenty of notice, in your case, who knows but Im guessing when you finish with Voda your Spotify account will just become a Free Account rather than the paid Paid Premium Account.
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