Vodafone - How good are they?

    The G/F and I have been holding off on purchasing new contracts as she wants the new iPhone out Friday. I really like my winmo devices and dont want the iPhone.

    The phone I am interested in is the HTC Touch Pro 2 which is available on Vodafone. I have had no problems at all with my O2 contract and would really like to stay with them asI can get signal almost everywhere, even where my Orange work moblie gets nothing!!.

    So my dilema, is Vodaphone on par with o2 in terms of network coverage or are they similar to Orange? Has anyone had problems with them?

    Me and the G/F want to get contracts at the same time so we can both upgrade at the same time in 18 / 24 months... So, I have two days to decide?!!

    Thanks in advance!



    Coverage wise they are fine, im in Scotland and no probs.

    However customer svs wise they are terrible, I would avoid like the plague.

    You simply cannot get through to them, I sent them an email querying my bill after having no joy on the phone, they answered the email 3 weeks later !!!

    Fine if everythings going well, but if you need them for anything youre screwed !!!

    son is on vodafone and stays near edinburgh and hardly has a signal at times , he now is away from them he sadi customer service was sh**


    Im on between sheffield and leeds (house at both) and never have a problem with signal.....also I disagree with the customer services question, everytime I have phoned them they have been the best customer services for a phone company I have dealt with (been on Orange and O2 previously). To begin with they gave me a cracking deal on the red viewty last year (when released) which got stolen and they easily replaced with the new samsung tocco ultra edition....which I thought was I only have a few months left on the contract and will surely be offered an upgrade then.
    The only problem I have ever had with them was the phone insurance, I got it as I dropped my previous phone in a drink so thought if I had done it once I could easily do it paid almost £8 a month. When I went to make a claim I found out there was a £25 excess on it regardless, so a repair that would have normally cost £100 was in effect costing me more (when adding the excess to the amounts of £8/month payments) and when phoning the insurance company, they were not so helpful at all. Vodafone sub let the insurance out so it is a third party....Just if you get a voda contract I would opt out of the insurance (which afaik is free for the 1st month anyways.
    If you have any other questions, ill answer them....worth mentioning vodafone passport makes calls from abroad cheaper than other networks....and they no longer have roaming charges

    Rant over...and sorry for any spelling mistakes, cant be bothered reading back through it

    Avoid Vodafone, very very poor customer service. I'm going back to O2 as soon as my contract ends

    I have vodafone no problems but i am in london :thumbsup:

    Some interesting responses. In my experience Voda have by far the best customer service of any current UK network, the only better service I've had was from Orange in their heyday (i.e. pre-France Telecom).

    Coverage wise, they're the worlds biggest Telcom so the coverage should be good in most countries, lookup Vodafone Passport for more info on that. Of the places in the UK I've been I've yet to find anywhere without Voda signal, I can't say the same for any other network :thumbsup:

    Vodafone has great reception imo. O2 2nd best. So don't worry and switch to Vodafone. But as always, best to ask friends/families that live in your area to be 100% sure.

    I've always had great reception with Vodafone, customer services has been okay for me, not superb but by no means the worst. If you do go with them, make sure you check through the paper version you'll get sent of your contract etc because I realised they were trying to charge me 7.50 extra a month for an internet access package that I'd never asked for, cheeky sods! Overall I'd say they're worth going with if they have the deal you're after.
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