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    Hey guys,

    I would like some advice i reciemtly signed upto Vodafone insurance when changing my contract (instore). Since then the space bar on my phones qwerty keyboard has snapped in two, so i would like to make a claim.

    However since i have only had the insurance 2 weeks, i have been told by a friend i cant claim in the first month, is this the case?

    Also i have a feeling i will get a grilling from Vodafone as i have only had the coverage 2 weeks, do they have a right to refuse my claim for a repair? Even though it is a genuine claim?

    Also i have not recieved any documentation from them about the insurance, is this the norm?



    Ask your m8 where he studdied insurance contracts and what grade he passed at.
    Then tell him to get his money back.

    is the phone new, warranty should cover it....

    easiest solution is to wait a couple more weeks and then claim:thumbsup:

    i'm with o2 and dont have insurance,ive still had 3 new handsets off them even though ive damaged the phones accidently myself:p:p:p

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    is the phone new, warranty should cover it....

    The phone is about 9 months old.

    I never take out insurance but was in adding web to my contract and the woman did a good job selling the insurance to me so decided to take it. Just as well i did.

    sounds like its faulty, if a key has broken its not like you damaged it so insurance prob wont touch it anyway, youll need to contact vodaphone as itll still be under 12 month warranty/guaranteee

    hopefully for you it will get fixed under warranty, otherwise you will be paying the £25/£50 excess on the Voda insurance to get it fixed (I recently cancelled mine when I found this out the hard way).
    As for the 1st month, I wouldnt think your friend is correct, If you cant claim in the first month then whats the point paying for it? Wouldnt make sense
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