Vodafone iPhone users do you get calls going straight to answerphone?

Found 25th Jan 2010
There's a massive thread on the 02 forums forum.o2.co.uk/vie…028 about calls going straight to answerphone even though a good signal is onthe phone ,I have encountered it but not frequently so I'm just wondering if it's an o2 network problem or a iPhone problem, does it happen on any other networks or just 02 cheers
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nope vodafone is fine for me
my vodafone signal has been crap lately...the actual signal status thing will show as full, yet the phone wont send/recieve txts make/recieve calls or connect to the internet.....soooo annoying!
ok for me
Would be good to state location to , west london for me
Wow..... Welcome to the iPhone.

If you notice, I've been saying that both mine and the missus and several people I work with all have this same problem with missed calls.

To be fair though, I have also suggested that it could be the O2 network being overloaded - and certainly applecare (when I changed the phone over to find I still had the same problem) said "O2 network".... but then thats to be expected.

Will be interested to hear the answer for Vodaphone....... though strangely, none of these problems seemed to manifest until 6 months in.
BTW...... since I'm deffo leaving O2 (since they are being tight asses with new contracts and removing my 30% discount) - whats the best deal to use for tor the iphone on Voda?
Never had it do this and i'm on Orange.
the porter;7653783

That's just what I'mlooking at now quidco is £100 for a £20 tarriff at t … That's just what I'mlooking at now quidco is £100 for a £20 tarriff at the moment so that's my best bet, but if the iPhoneis as popular on vf as on 02 it will only gothe same way it's deffinatly a network problemnot the iPhone IMO

LOL.... fight fight fight! :w00t:

I've posted my twopenneth on that thread!
Ive been using voda since aug 09 in iPhone and also got it officially unlocked 10 days ago. Haven't noticed any drop in performance since voda went live (yet!). I'm in Dorset btw. Also I disabled voicemail as don't like it.
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