Vodafone is being temperamental

    Is anyone else having difficulty communicating using vodafone?

    I can only phone/text every now and again, and even though i have full signal it won't connect!

    I've heard that they have some transmitters down, but has anyone else got any idea, or know if it's just me? thanks.


    No probs today but had this problem a few months ago and carried on for days, went away and came back several times. They blamed my phone but eventually they fixed it and gave me two substantial refunds. One symptom of the error was my battery was being run down quickly and constantly trying to transmit. However if i moved to a different cell area (not near my home) everything was ok.

    Do you have an iPhone?

    Now got the same problem! Texts won't send... just timing out.

    enquire about a femtocell for use in your home ,worked wonders for me!

    Thanks, but it was just a temporary issue at the local mast.

    Original Poster

    its an absolute nightmare, the last few days have just been a waste of my contract because i cant use the texts or minutes!

    ive had that problem for months now and they keep saying its ma phone...its hit and miss for me...when contract comes to an end im not looking hell with them...just had to cancel my mobile internet cause i cant get connected...

    It could be the 3G signal in your area.

    Both myself and my wife had this problem with our HTC Desires which made me think it was Vodafone or the signal and the phones would work away from home but not at home so I altered the phone settings from 3G to G2 and we have had no problems since, just google 3G and you will see it makes very little difference to the running of the phone, its easy to do and you can easily change back if it dont work.

    I have since changed my phone back to 3G but left my wife's phone on 2G and both are working fine.

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