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Found 30th Jul 2007

Can someone please recomend me a good website for purchasing a Vodafone monthly contract?

I live in village and Vodafone is ONLY NETWORK available here.....

The best deal on the Vodafone website, is 75 mins per month for £20 :-(

Anyone know any better deals please? :thumbsup:


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Sorry, I just wanted to add, I only need 75/100 minutes per month

Also I prefer a straight forward deal (SUCH AS FREE TV)........

I not keen on jumping through hoops for cashback etc.........

Thanks :roll:

Just call Vodafone and haggle, make sure you go armed with other networks best deals. When I joined Voda last year I managed to get 6months 1/2 price line rental, a free phone (was £80 on the website) and m2 memory card (worth about £50 at the time) out of them, did have to take out an 18month contract though. I don't know if they still do the stop the clock deal or not, but it's worth looking into as that works out pretty well for me.

I've always got my Voda contracts from the voda stores that are around the country. They always seem to have deals on.

My strong recommendation is that you get stop the clock. It means that during offpeak, when you call for an hour, only two/three minutes of your inclusive calls are used! Bargain. I have 200 minutes, but because of stop the clock I can call for hundreds of hours!

I get 200 mins 250 texts a month w/ free phone w/ stop the clock for £25 a month
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