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Found 17th Feb 2009
I am reviewing mobile contracts and Vodafone seems very expensive compared to o2 prices however I have heard that o2 coverage is not very good and lines usually drop while traveling in the car. The salesperson tried a lot to convince me and has agreed to give me an 02 phone for 28 days (the normal period within which you can return the phone) to test the waters.
Any o2 users please can you comment on services. I need about 15 lines and don't have time to later sort out issues if the connection is not up to par !! Most users are on roaming hence the very high Vodafone charge. Using roaming sim is not viable as most users fly for a day or so and can't fidget with sim card removals etc.
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I have been with O2 for over 4 years and I have never had any problems & have always found my bills reasonable.
Good luck with your decision!
Depends on your area I guess - O2 coverage is good around here & Vodafone is not

It would be interesting to hear how you get on with the O2 trial.
I've never had a problem with O2. I suppose it depends on where you are though.
I've been with O2 for over 2 years and recently took out a 24 month contract with them. They provide an excellent level of service where I can view my detailed bill online and contact them online anytime.

With regards to the signal I have always found it to be reliable and good quality, certainly no worse than any other carrier. The mobile phone you use will also determine the quality of the call as well.

As for the calls dropping while travelling then I'd think that it would be the same for all carriers while the phone is switching from one cell to another.
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