Vodafone Out-of-plan prices change - leaving contract without fee

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Vodafone has just announced out-of-plan change

It sounds like affected customer might be able to get out of the contract without paying termination fee, as per the T&C.

If you want to end the Agreement:
Because of changes. If we, (i) increase your monthly plan charge more than once per year or by more than the RPI rate; (ii) increase your out of bundle charges or change our services or the Agreement to your material detriment, you’ll have a right to leave the Agreement early without paying a termination fee (although you’ll need to pay for your equipment subsidy). We’ll let you know if this is the case and what to do before the changes are made. If you take no action within 30 days of us telling you about the changes you’ll be considered to have accepted those changes.

At Vodafone, we're always working hard to provide you with the award-winning service you deserve. To do this, we need to increase the cost of some calls and texts that aren't included in your plan.

Prices will change from 13 November 2019. But don't worry, there are no changes to the cost of your Pay monthly plan or any Extras you have with us.

What we're changing
Out-of-plan service
International calls to the rest of the world (outside Europe)
- £2 a minute
- £3 a minute (new price)

Premium rate or non-geographic calls (084, 087, 09, 118 numbers)
- 55p access charge
- 65p access charge (new price)

International texts
- 35p
- 65p (new price)

International out-of-plan charge for International Saver/Red Entertainment
10p a minute
19p a minute (new price)
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I used this to get onto a better SIMO deal when O2 put up their picture message prices when I was in the middle of the contract.

If your on a contract where you bought a phone you would still have to pay off the phone in full.
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when they've done this in the past, they only entertain cancellation if you've paid significant out of bundle charges in the last 12 months

won't work for most people
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