Vodafone pac code / port out process

Posted 2nd Jul 2021
Hi all,

My Vodafone contract ends in two days, as I have already given them notice, need to port out for a week or two or maybe shorter so I get a new Vodafone contract and port back in.

I just got my PAC code, I was wondering if it’s possible to use Voxi ?! They are on the Vodafone network but can’t imagine that will effect porting ?

Anyone as experience with porting out to go straight back In?
My first time ? What network do you use for the port ?! Would like a speedy process with no hassle.

Will my current Vodafone account close automatically once I port out or do I need to call them ?

How long after the port out do you wait before getting a new contract to port back in ?
Do I need to pay the final bill before applying for a new contract ?

Any advice would be much appreciated
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