vodafone pay as u go

    hi all just wondering if i add txt unlimited to my price plan and top up £5 credit is that for my calls and txts are free or is it for both yhanks in advance


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    also do u have to top up the £30 all at once or over the month

    if you top up a fiver- the fiver will stay as it is. you will get the free texts without any charge to the fiver.

    the fiver remains and can be used on whatever

    if you top up a tenner it works in the same way

    and £30 is also the same way

    only diffrence is

    £5- free evening texts

    £10- free evening and weekend texts

    £30- unlimited texts all day and night for 30 days

    IMO your better off getting an o2 contract unlimited texts and 600 mins i fink it was £20 simplicity contract and you can cancel any month.

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    i have just added txt unlimited its free and i top up anyway so it is a bonus when does free txt start is it one month after start day thanks
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