Vodafone PAYG dongle at ASDA

    BT won't be able to connect me until the 27th so looking at getting PAYG wireless broadband.

    Went into ASDA and the display said £20 for a Vodafone Dongle with 3GB/Gb data included. The pack at the service desk had no info about any induced free data. You'd think they'd be shouting about it...

    Can anyone confirm if this comes with the included data or not?


    if its the same as tesco are selling it will come with 1gig of data to use within 30 days
    then you must top up again at £15 a pop

    Original Poster

    How much was the Tesco one? ASDA had ones at £15 that said 1GB on the pack or one at £20 that had nothing on the pack. I think the £15 might have been a newer one, maybe they're phasing out the 3GB ones... Seems a gamble though!

    £24 in tesco for a 3gig one use with in 30
    i have the £15 for 1gig one but no use by date
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