Vodafone price increase rights?

Found 6th Apr
The other day I received this text

Hello. From April 2018 your plan will increase by 3.6% - in line with UK inflation (measured using the Retail Price Index, March 2018 ). For example, a plan costing £30 will go up by £1.08 a month. This change reflects your terms and conditions and will be added from your April bill - go to vodafone.co.uk/rpi for more info.

I'm just wondering am I within my rights to cancel my contract or negotiate an upgrade? Has anybody else tried this?
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I received the same text and wondered the same thing Hopefully someone on here will enlighten us
Sure its over 4% before you can
Got the same text and called vodafone to cancel but after speaking to a supervisor he mentioned it is in our contract due to inflation it will rise. I mean you can try if you do succeed please let me know 😁
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They have you once you agreed to those T&C's very few read.... It has to be more than the RPI which they will never go over by.... I think its a con personally... EE are the same... I got my phone for £20.99 a month in Nov 16 and these cross comparison mobile sites always break it down and calculate the initial price for 24 x months etc (probably somewhere in their small print also that the price could go up) and by April it rose, so in a 24 month period I have only got the contract for the initial agreement price for about 5/6 months of 24!!!! Then when it goes up each time its re-occuring so 3.6% on the previous rise!

I think they shouldn't allow it.... They will argue its to pay their staff for the economic rise when wages go up etc...

I think you will be wasting your time... only when a company rises the cost outside the RPI time period or over the RPI percentage is when you stand chance of leaving a contract early not penalised.
Sadly you cannot cancel as your contract agrees with increasing bills by the RPI.

I wish often would simplify bills and remove price hikes to contracts.
Voda contracts include option to increase costs annually by RPI. OFCOM may dictate that any mid-term price rise is not acceptable but it may be difficult to legally dispute the agreed contract. Would be brave to expose yourself to early termination fee if citing the pre-agreed RPI increase as reason to leave penalty-free.
You cannot cancel without penalty if the increase is due to and equivalents to inflation
That's just a shame of they are putting prices up. Talk talk put theirs up 3 times last year. So I moved to Vodafone home
What if vodafone increase your tariff more than the RPI of 3.6%? Mine seems to have increased by 8%
turkles4 h, 40 m ago

What if vodafone increase your tariff more than the RPI of 3.6%? Mine …What if vodafone increase your tariff more than the RPI of 3.6%? Mine seems to have increased by 8%

If it's more than you can cancel.
They are also removing Turkey from their roam-free destinations from 10 May. Which is detrimental especially if you have used your phone in Turkey since you signed up for your existing contact. You can leave penalty free for this reason. I spoke to them couple of days ago and got my PAC, 5 months into a 12 months contract.
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