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    For 3 years ive had vodafones £17 , 125 minutes /250 texts package, but recently ive been going way over, doing about 400 minutes, now when i log on to vodafone there are a couple of options to change my tarrif for £30 i get 200 mintues, very expensive, but if i go on the main site and look at tarrifs the £30, you get 500 mintues, i rang them and said i would like to change my tarriff but they said i can only change to the ones listed in my account, is there any way i can change and are those packages only available for new customers


    are you still within your minimum contract period? if you're over it then you could tell them you want to cancel.

    if you are still within it then you're pretty much stuck with what they offer

    If you have been on the exact same tariff, then you havent ever changed it so should be able to cancel it.

    They are total crap at offering decent deals for current customers, and they wont offer anythign unless you cancel.

    Call to cancel, see what they will offer you.
    If its crap, tell them you are cancelling, and send the cancellation letter.
    You need to give Vodafone, 30 days written notice (mind and sign the letter)
    When they get the letter, you will get another phone call hopefully with a better deal, maybe not, you never know.

    My parents got decent deals, but they wouldnt give me ****** all.
    Despite them being on £17/18 contracts, and myself paying £40.

    See what you can get out them, if its rubbish, cancel and start afresh.

    If you don't get what you want, simply tell them you want to cancel and they have to give you a code to port your number to the operator of your choice. There are lots of better offers out there as you no doubt know

    Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

    If you're within your contract periods, you're pretty much stuffed as far as I can see. I noticed the tariffs seemed to be way better than what I had (on 40 quid a month) so I thought I'd find out if I could change however I was told the advertised tariffs are for new customers only. They don't even make it very clear on their websire, they should have these tariffs marked as promotional only - I certainly couldn't tell the difference.

    Also, it bugs me their data plans are rubbish as well - I would much rather trade some of my minutes/texts for some data usage but I can't. Seems daft to have a data network in place that's too expensive for most people to actually use!

    I live up in the Highlands so there's not really much choice for me as I find Vodafone to have the best reception by the end it doesn't matter how good your deal is if you can't actually use the phone!


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    I'm screwed then, upgraded my phone about 4 months ago, so i signed up to a new contract, which was the same as before just renewed it.

    Im with Voda, I was originally on 750min + 250 texts and STC.

    After six months, you are allowed to change. I am now on 500mins + 1000 texts and STC.

    Same price tariff.

    The options they give you online to change the tariff are ridiculous, phone CS from your phone for free, and they should do the equivalent talker traiff for you as they did for me.

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