Vodafone Question

    If you buy a contract phone from the Vodafone store, when the contract runs out and you just have the phone, is that phone sim locked to Vodaphone?!

    I am 95% sure it is but just confirmation.

    I just ordered the Samsung Soul on contract with Orange so I want to get rid of my D900. but need to know first if it is sim locked.



    Mine have always stayed locked in the past... Voda & Orange.

    Generally if the phone has a Voda sticker/badge then it will be locked... Boo hiss!!!

    It will be, but you can phone them and have it unlocked I think...

    If you mean that your D900 is out of contract, and it is on Vodafone, then it will most likely be locked.

    You can unlock it relatively cheaply these days.

    yes just phone/email them and they'll give you unlock code free. depending on when you got your phone it may already be unlocked.


    Yeah there was a thread on it ,think it's this … Yeah there was a thread on it ,think it's this one.

    Thanks for the pointer! ;-)
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