Vodafone Quidco Increased From £90 to £150

    If you looking at that £10/mo contract for 24months, or in fact any other deal at the vodafone site, at the moment get it NOW. Vodafone always have there cashback for contracts set at £90, i've personally been paid £90 before so it does work for any doubters, however i saw this morning its upto £150!

    The cashback is paid for any price contract from £35/mo down to £10/mo.

    For exmaple for the £10/mo

    £10 x 24month = £240
    £240 - £150 = £90 !!!
    Thats £90 for the 24months that comes witha choice of free phone, and some are worth upto £100 so its a hot time to get a new contract from vodafone...


    just from me

    Hot from me, Which phone is the best on the £10 a month please

    Ive just this second bought this, and quidco HAS £90! Yeeehellp!

    whats phone would fetch the most on a £10 contract?

    my findings are that the best recylce is the Nokia 5230 it gets £40.80

    so that would work out at

    10 x 24 = 240

    - £150 Quidco = £90

    - £40.80 for phone = £49.2

    £49.2/24 months = £2.05
    So its £2.05 per month for 100 mins & 500 texts

    thats if you dont need the phone obviously:thumbsup:

    ive gone for the genio slide, its £120 at play locked to voda, or £180 unlocked, plus its got wifi whereas the 5230 hasnt

    sorry, its tracked at £150 wooo hooo

    Original Poster

    vodafone are known for random tracking prices but they validate fine, my tracking was £61 but validated and paid at £90 lol

    nice bit of cashback,

    if i rang up and told them what currently being offered online, would they maybe give me the £150 against the contract instead of waiting 3 months for the quidco IF it tracks?

    Original Poster

    no idea sorry, probs not though, try it however

    I bought an iPhone from Vodafone with £100 quidco, it tracked for about 2 weeks and then was DECLINED!. Am still trying to get the cashback. So it doesn't always work.

    does the cash back only apply to 24 month contracts or does it apply to 12 and 18 month contratcs too??

    I've just ordered the HTC desire through the quido on 18month. It better work!
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