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    Hi all, my contract is up for renewal tomorrow (will be within the 30days leaving period) - was just wondering if anyone's got any good deals recentley? I'm on 200mins and 500 txts for £30/mth atm and am looking for something considerably better value for money! I'm after the Sony Ericsson C510 and they have it with a free wii with 600 mins and ultd texts for £25.mth on their deals section. Will they be able to better this for me, in anyone's experience? Cheers!


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    Wow, okay, thanks will take a look at them I knew I was getting fleeced but didn't realise it was that bad!! Cheers for help, rep given.

    why don't you give Vodafone a call, that's if you want to stay with them, I did kept my tarrif, I'm a low user and got 50% off the monthly bill plus a new phone to boot.

    they say that they have x amount to use to bargain with, so be patient and haggle, dont forget to threaten to leave, customer loyalty bit and they will usually come up with something. I called them at around 6pm and the girl told me that they have to meet their qoutas for the day and if its not been good, you can sometimes get a better deal.

    where abouts are you looking for that.

    wouldn't mind a Wii with my new contract (july) so am also looking for deals.
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