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    My contract ends tomorrow with Vodafone and I'm looking to stay with them but so far I'm having no luck with retentions as after getting my PAC the best they could do is the same price as a standard sim-only. It's looking like I'll need to port out for a month and port back as a new customer to get the £100 Quidco which while isn't guaranteed it's still better to have the chance rather than nothing from Vodafone.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has managed to get any decent 12 month sim-only deals from retentions or 12 months with a phone that could be sold on to get the price down.



    have you go onto the vodafone website and logged into your account?
    Last month my sim only contract was up for renewal, I tried on the phone and they offered me nothing, then I went online and logged in and they were offering me a free phone if I continued my sim only contract for another 12 months. I got a free Blackberry 9700, which I sold on freeads for £250 a few days later.
    My sim only contract was £20 per month for 600 mins, unlimited txt so in total for the year £240. Then a few days after taking on my sim for another 12 months I called vodafone and asked if I could change my price plan as I had noticed that for £25 per month you got 1200 mins, unlimited txts and 500mb of internet. They agreed so all in all my sim has cost £50 for the whole year after selling the blackberry and upgrading to get more mins etc

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    I've tried this as it looked brilliant but the problem is my current deal is a £40 a tariff with 50% off which means while it will let me renew with the Blackberry for free, I have to pay £40 a month which is no good.


    try going into a store - i found they did better deals
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