Found 12th Aug 2007
Hi im lookin some1 2 get me the sim lock code for my fone it cost £19.99 if your sim is less than 12 months vodafone z

Please provide me with your valid Vodafone number so that I can assist you further.
Also provide me with the following information for security purposes:
Your account password (first 2 digits or first and third letter) OR
Your first line of address with postcode
Date of birth

Alternatively, please ask the account holder to email me with the information asked above from the account holders account.

Please note you will be charged £19.99 for the NUC if your phone is less than 12 months old

Could any1 plz help by sending me the required info or by finding out my sim lock (nuc) code and sending me it. If you will do it for me pm me n i will send my imei code


Sorry to sound a bit pessimistic for your plight, but do you really think someone who can unlock their own phone using this code would decide to pass it on and leave themselves locked to the provider?

What phone is it? Are you trying to unlock the phone for another network?

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its a e900 i no they are easy to unlock with codes ive done this needs to be done every time i turn it off lol

browni-sum ppl dnt want to unlock there own fone as they are happy with vodafone n others are on vodafone using an unlocked fone already
ty 4 the interest

You can unlock an E900 with a cable I think. Your local market stall will probably do it for a fiver. Or you could wait for the 12 months to be up.

1. If you have changed your phone password, change your password back to the default 8 zeros (00000000).
1a. NOTE (Modification here by my experience): Goto SETTINGS, SECURITY, then SIM LOCK and disable this before proceeding.
2. Put a SIM card that is from a network other than the one your phone is locked to
3. When Incorrect SIM error comes up, type *#9998*3323#.
4. White screen will appear with an exit option. Press the right softkey.
5. From the menu that appears, select the Malloc Fail option. This will reboot the phone and the normal service screens will appear.
6. Type *0141# and then press the green call key. "Personalization" or "Personalized" will appear.
7. Turn off your phone and put the original SIM back in.
8. Turn on your phone. You will receive a prompt to enter a password.
9. Type 8 zeros (00000000) (This is because the SIM LOCK mentioned earlier gets switched back on)
10. Completed. You have now unlocked your phone.

tested on e900 and d900 phones - may work on similar models but not sure
ps this will work with your new sim but if you try anither sim not used in that phone bofre it will need code doing again

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can only personalise 1 time so i have 2 enter the codes every time i turn it on with a different sim. says already personalised

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found out the sim lock code anyway its 0000000000 and it still says invalid sim but i now now *#9998*3323# off anyway
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