Posted 3rd Jan 2023
Hi, I'm currently on a voda sim with low data but am told I get the fastest speeds.
I want to upgrade but want the fastest speeds available.
What packages should I go for for that and can I get those packages cheaper on e.g. uswitch?
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    Only certain unlimited plans have speed caps. If you're on a fixed data amount eg 30GB there is no speed cap and you have the fastest speed available
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    Only unlimited plans have speed caps. Unlimited lite is 2Mbps, unlimited is 10Mbps, unlimited max is fastest available.

    Anything with a data cap has the fastest possible speeds.

    The only thing to note is if you’re on a Vodafone Basics plan there’s no 5G if you have a 5G phone - But still get the fastest possible 4G speeds.

    If you don’t need unlimited data, go via Uswitcb for TalkMobile - They’re fully owned by Vodafone and have all the features like 5G, WiFi Calling, and even inclusive EU Roaming at a lower price than the Vodafone brand directly. They also give the best speeds.

    If your speeds aren’t good, it sounds like Vodafone are just congested in your area and you might want to try a different network instead.
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    Lebara use Vodafone. Usually lots of great deals for them with various amounts of data. I'm on 21GB for £7.95pm. Had first 3 months for half price. I've been impressed with their 5G, though it is obviously location dependant
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    Thanks guys, it's just that I've been on a low data package for a while and when I chatted to and advisor they said I'd lose the fastest speeds unless I changed to their 'max' packages?
    As I said. Unless you’re going Vodafone Basics, unlimited lite, or unlimited this doesn’t apply. Any other Vodafone package, including via their TalkMobile brand through USwitch will be at the fastest speeds they can push through the network. It sounds like they’re just trying to upsell to the biggest package they have.
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    Their robbers
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