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Vodafone SIM Only Unlimited Max + 4 Xtra benefits upgrade for existing customers 24 month contract

Posted 25th Nov 2022
I am being offered this SIM only upgrade deal as an existing customer via the Vodafone app and Vodafone website. This seems good value for unlimited data and inclusive roaming in 83 destinations. This is cheaper than the current price I am paying for the same price plan, although you do need to factor in CPI + 3.9% increases.

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  1. sm9690's avatar
    I'll stick with 200GB for £7.50 and will just get an add on/buy a 3 PAYG SIM for roaming (edited)
  2. whiteswan's avatar
    This seems expensive to me - I get unlimited everything on 3 for £11.
  3. bozo007's avatar
    CPI + 3.9% is going to be 10% probably.
    udydudy's avatar
    10% twice as the contract if for 24 months
  4. Tutanota's avatar
    This is the best price I've ever seen it at. I shared this last year it was £24 hotukdeals.com/sha…689

    If you need the full whack top deal, unlimited everything + roaming you won't top this price.

    I personally have the top plan with EE and pay just under £27 but mostly because their signal is superior otherwise I would not have moved from Vodafone and would have gotten this deal you're showing

    83 roaming countries is a massive draw if you travel as there's a big overlap between the mobile providers as they all cover EU countries but there's certain countries only Vodafone covers with this plan as they've got much better foreign infrastructure in place
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