Vodafone SIMO 11GB £7.70 |18-months| Existing Customers £138.6 @Vodafone

Posted 28th Nov 2020
Like many others HUKD exactly 2 years ago. Got my iPhone XS MAX 64GB on 24months contract with Vodafone on Black Friday.
I could not find any deal on iPhone 12 Pro Max without the trade-in (even with 15% off they will only give us £15 off, total £360).
So, I requested a PAC code from Vodafone. I received a PAC code with additional SMS saying I can get 11GB for £7.70 a month!!!! called them and got that done.
The downside of the deal is 18 months contract, but I was told that I can upgrade after 3 months.
Normally, 1GB for £11 a month.
As an existing customers, I get 1GB + 10GB and 30% off £11 making it 11GB for £7.70 a month.

If you are like me who does not find any deal on any iPhone 12 interesting just make a call.


Call: 08080 057 382
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