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Posted 14th Feb
Looking to switch to them from Sky. Anybody on here have them and what is the experience? I have Vodafone mobile already and to be fair when had any issues they have responded and resolved quickly and effectively. Wanted to know if there broadband is any good? Hearing stories of constant problems and WiFi not connecting. Thanks
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Opinion on Voda fibre offered in recent thread but obvsly nobody of right mind would make a decision based on a dataset of one, unless you were that one customer hotukdeals.com/com…306
i switched from BT and apart from there router being pretty pants its been the same network speeds i got from BT (around 75mb).

they do have a better router now which has had positive reviews i have not tried it myself as i purchased my own router in the end.
I tried Vodafone, but the Sky broadband is better for me
Customer service isn't great so All good until you have a problem
I switched from Sky to Vodafone. Had there old router briefly which was indeed terrible and not fit for purpose, Crap wifi, constantly disconnecting etc... Used my own router and it was solid and actually a few mb quicker than Sky. Now they've updated there router. It's actually pretty good or at least as good as the one I was using. Vodafone sent me one for free when I requested one.

I have had one technical fault when my line went faulty, My speed kept dropping to around 35mb and disconnecting etc.. They sent Openreach out the next day etc.. With Vodafone I have always found them to be hit and miss. However, Online chat is convenient and after I had a glitch on my account they waived a £500+ bill so not all bad
Switched to them 18 months ago and the router is pants, WiFi seems to be the issue as wired is fine. If they have a better router now you may be ok but I wouldn’t use them agai
Was with Sky before; the connection would drop drastically every Sundays for whatever reasons.
Have recently renewed our Vodafone broadband recently for another 18 months. We haven't had any issue since we moved to Vodafone broadband. Few phones, tablets, PS4, and and laptops connected without any issues.
I am in North London, and I according to my personal experience with Vodafone, I would personally recommend them.
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