vodafone text £0 ETF still in contract

Posted 24th Oct 2020
Hello, I need some advice about a similar issue but I did not move forward yet.
Im on contract Vodafone up to Oct21 and just checking numbers to drop my bills I did request the PAC code yesterday getting the the following text:
"Thanks for requesting your PAC - we're sorry to see you go. If you use your code today, the termination fee that'll be added to your final bill will be £0. To find out how your services will be affected, simply log in at vodafone.co.uk/myv…one , head to 'account settings' then select 'mobile switching'. Your PAC is VUKxxxxxxx and is valid until 21/11/2020. Please note: if you don't use this PAC, your service will continue and you'll be charged in the normal way. For info on switching go to vodafone.co.uk/lea…ing Didn't request this? Call us free on 191 from your Vodafone mobile as soon as possible."

Nice surprise for me it states £0 as early termination fee, but as I am aware of my contract I just phoned Vodafone to confirm details, maybe my bad. First at the ends department I was told £0 ETF but weird I had still contract but with £0 ETF... he then transferred me to retentions, they check the same, so there is an error at the automatic ETF, says is £332 (she did it manually), alse she talked with her manager and confirms the text I received with £0 as she misbelieved from me. She estates it is an error and apologies to me for the confusion...

The point now is what vodafone really would bill??? Text and system say £0 ETF, but she adviced I will get a final bill with £332 because the system will detect Im in contract.... Why sounds so weird all, because she still told me the PAC code is valid and I may use it or If I dont use it all remain the same.

What can I do? I am interested about reduce my monthly payment if there is a chance because that text....
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