Vodafone UK Data Cap !! Just send one SMS to this number and Activate !!


    This is my first post on hukd so please be gentle.
    Hopefully it will be widely useful for all users on monthly Vodafone package.

    Few months ago I bought an online deal when renewing contract and was given 10GB monthly for £14.50 which sounded nice at the time and no complaints so far. Just got off online support because data limit always kept me worried for multiple phones in the family and today given a nice trick, hopefully will work for all monthly users.

    All you need to do is Activate Cap sending a Text message.

    UK CAP ON send it to 4 0 5 0 6

    You will receive confirmation from Vodafone that you are in queue for processing and within minutes should receive confirmation that the Cap is now activated for that number. If you have multiple phones just send this text from each phone and it should be activated.

    From feedback received in comments:
    - Trick is still working
    - Confirmed Free to Activate
    - Monthly packages from 5th May 2016 on-wards can take advantage and possible earlier.

    Please post your comments below if it worked for you! :-)


    - MK


    Cheers for the info. I might give this a try.

    recieved a text saying it takes up to 5 mins, thanks op!

    Only applies to contracts started after a certain date, even if you send the text and you're plan isn't compatible you still get a text saying wait for confirmation, but that won't arrive.
    Just saying in case someone tries and their plan is too old

    Just checked, it's for plans bought after 5th may 16.

    Edited by: "Qrunch" 9th Feb

    Wow thats great thanks!

    You sure this is free? There used to be an insane charge for this.

    Excellent thanks, i do hate that about Vodafone, my EE tablet SIM has the cap already.

    Just asked Vodafone and it's definitely free so it is worth doing.

    I got a message saying "Your request could not be processed due to unrecognisable text, please check and retry or alternatively contact customer service"

    Perfect, just applied

    Lovely. All doneOnly took a couple secs. Cheers hunny!
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