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Found 6th Jan 2011
I´m due an upgrade from Vodafone, but not being a Techy would like some advice on the best phone to choose.

Currently using a Nokia N97 which I´m happy with so something along those lines, maybe.

What are your thoughts?


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I had an N97 and loved it. The hardware was great for what i needed. Full keyboard,32gb Harddrive and an FM transmitter, it truly was amazing.
After using it for a while i became a little angry at the software (Symbian I think) so i decided to buy an iphone 3gs after about 3 months.

I know its not everyone's cup of tea but i haven't looked back. If Apple is not what your looking for then maybe a HTC running android would be more suitable?

iPhone or one of the recent Android handsets are the way to go
get an android operating system phone ..I like to think of it as the poor mans iphone
...just like the iphone loads of apps for practically anything you can think of without shedding loads of money to own an iphone .
I like the motorola range due to their superb build quality , dual microphones , quirky shapes. Others may differ in opinion preferring "safer" ( much wider known) handsets like galaxy s , htc hd , wildfire...if you're not familiar with the Android Os have a play with one in store


I like to think of it as the poor mans iphone

And I like to think of the iphone as the stupid man's android phone

OP, if you found the flip out qwerty keyboard useful on your N97, check out the HTC Desire Z
thanks guys.
something low end running android might perhaps reasonably be compared to a 'poor man's iphone' but the top end is IMO better. I much prefer the OS, regardless of any cost difference.
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