Vodafone upgrade due tomorrow please help :)

    Hi there.
    As you can guess from the title i am due an upgrade on my contract (20th April). at the moment i get 200 min 500 tx and stop the clock for £15 a month.

    I was wondering if anyone has recently upgraded with vodafone anf if so what kind of deals ppl hav got.

    im looking to keep the cost down really, prefer txts than mins, would also like a new phone 2 (doesnt hav to be the latest or top spec, although if this is poss it would be a bonus ).

    Any comments would be appreciated thanks



    should sack vodafone off and go with o2, i pay £26/m for 2000 minutes and unlimited txts with o2. me telling them vodafone had offered me a better deal than i already had with o2 helped.
    tell vodafone o2 has offered you 500 minutes and unlimited txts for £15 or something i'm sure they'll work something out for you.
    as for phones, i currently have a c905 and it's excellent, has some decent packages for all networks, choose a package there then contact vodafone direct.

    I get 250min and 1000 texts for £12.50 a month on vodafone. Wanted it for £10 but they wouldn't play ball so got a free phone as well to flog. But o2 do have some good deals but as I cant get good reception on o2 or 3 where I live they are not an option for me.

    Yesterday changed my tariff to just £10 a mnth for 100 mins and 500 texts keeping my current phone. Basically the super sim deal. Thats plenty for me.
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