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Posted 17th Sep
Ordered a iphone XR on 11/09 for my new upgrade with vodafone. The phone was expected 2 weeks delivery in black i ordered after i had ordered this (they did not tell me they were out of stock). I then changed my mind and thought i would wait a few days for the iphone 11, so cancelled this the same day. I got this cancelled on the live chat with them that day.
I spoke to someone on live chat the next day 12/09 who also confirmed it was getting cancelled.
The next day comes and go to upgrade to the iphone 11 but cant because my order was not cancelled.
I then ring vodafone and they confirmed it has NOT been cancelled so i cancel it again on the phone.

I then thought it would be alot simpler in store. I explained what happened with the upgrade and they show me on the system someone from vodafone is re ordering the phone after me cancelling. So I once again get it cancelled in store this time. Went in yesterday and what do you know it was back open again and had not been cancelled.

Anyone know who i can contact to report this?

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Sorry, but this is pretty funny
May be you stuck in time machine
Is 02
Good company?
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