Vodafone upgrades

    Hi guys!

    Just wanted to let you all know. I have been negotiating an upgrade with Vodafone for the past month and they were offering me very poor deals. I have spoken to them again today and all of a sudden they have given me exactly what I wanted! I realised that today is the first day of the last month of my contract.

    So basically my advice to everyone is to wait until the last month of their contracts before negotiating upgrades because thats when they start offering the best deals!

    Good luck!


    Thread is in the wrong place, should be misc. If you're going to make a blanket statement like that you could at least give some justification otherwise your post is pretty much meaningless.

    Vodafone are poor with upgrade deals, I tried for a while but they only offered a decent deal after I requested my PAC.


    Havent had too much dealings with Vodafone but O2 game me a good deal for renewing my off-peak contract. Didnt need a day time peak contract as I had my company phone.

    Basically gave me 1000 Anytime Off-Peak minutes, 100 txts + 100kb for £3.50 a month.

    moved to correct forum
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