Vodafone voicemail help

Posted 18th Nov 2009
I am trying to set up my voicemail on vodafone using my nokia n96

I have been told to ring 1211, then it says click 1 to connect to the voicemail service, so I do, but it says..

'its not been possible to connect you to the voda voicemail service'

Then It hangs up, I have also tried ringing just 121 instead of 1211, but still the same.

I rang vodafone, but they did not have an answer!

any help here please...
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also on vodafone, my voicemail (121) seems to be working fine, im not a nokia user but most mobiles have a voicemail setting in their phone. it could be around the messages area or somewhere else, there may be an easier way to set it up manually? this should do it if u can find such a function

otherwise turn phone off and back on and try again? or finally try again tomorrow.
I believe you need to set your call forwarding on in Call settings, then if you try ringing 242 and you can retrieve/change your voicemail message. 242 or 121 will work
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