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    My contract has all but expired and I'm weighing up options for a new phone, cheaper plan or even pay as you go.

    I could do with checking a few things in my account though but for some reason I can't access my bills onlone. Everytime I'm asked to register even though I'm already logged in. I've noticed voda are - improving - their site again as they seem to do every other week. Maybe that has something to do with it, but how often do they need to do that?!? It seems they are mucking round with it every time I need to access it.

    Any inside info or others with problems?

    Or am I thick? As well as frustrated?!?

    Ta very much folks!


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    Still having no luck... Just keep getting the demo page!

    This happens to me too often to be funny:x Just call customer support, they will give you some cock and bull story then put it right, until it happens again when they will have thought of a different reason:whistling:

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    Fed up of phoning customer bum-port... They are the worse firm I've ever dealt with over the phone except maybe for Tiscali. I was hoping to get rid of them online rather than having to wait to talk to them.

    Last time I had to contact them by phone it took me over a week to get things sorted and I spent hours on hold. In fact I think there's a thread somewhere on here from back then and someone gave me rep points for being on hold for the longest time they'd ever heard of! :x
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