Vodafone Worst customer services

Found 4th Mar 2009
I am kept on phoning and emailing Vodafone customer services to cancell my contract.

Since than there was down and then more than two hours on Moday they said there department is closed.

Its Wednesday and we are still on phone to cancell the contract but now they are saying I can not cancell it because it's more than 14days.

Some one transferred it to the manager and the manage said the system not working. So call tomorrow.

I phoned straight after discuss with Vodafone manage today cancell the contract again and some did it at last without waiting for the next day (as the Vodafone manager said).

I do not know who is lying...

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I spent an hour on the phone trying to get them to fix and replace my phone. Got sent round and round the diff depts only to be disconnected by them. Called back and was told that they wanted a cancellation fee of £470-rip off-when this contract is over I'm off to a rival!

This should be in misc.


Moved to 'Misc', the 'Feedback' forum is for site issues only. Thanks for the reports

Interesting, they've always been very good with me. You dialling 191 yeah?

I agree, Vodafone are the worse at customer services. I had a problem where they charged me for 2 contacts when I only ordered one. Took me over 3 weeks to sort out and it wasn't sorted out until I threatened with legal action that they refunded me the money and cancelled the other contract.
Once my contact ends I'll be going back to O2 and I don't care how much of a discount they offer me.
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