Vodafone Worst customer services

    I am kept on phoning and emailing Vodafone customer services to cancell my contract.

    Since than there was down and then more than two hours on Moday they said there department is closed.

    Its Wednesday and we are still on phone to cancell the contract but now they are saying I can not cancell it because it's more than 14days.

    Some one transferred it to the manager and the manage said the system not working. So call tomorrow.

    I phoned straight after discuss with Vodafone manage today cancell the contract again and some did it at last without waiting for the next day (as the Vodafone manager said).

    I do not know who is lying... also do not know if it's cancelled yet...


    Makes you wonder with such a large company that customer service is so bad do they do it because they can? Let's be honest here Vodafone is a terrible company i have had many issues with them over the years and i will never use them again!

    Just send a letter but keep copies and if you can send it so someone has to sign for it at Vodafone The post office will advise



    I always understood that vodafone contracts had to be cancelled by letter or fax?? Cancelled one a few weeks back and thats what I was told to do, they cancelled it with no problems.

    I've never had a problem with them, in-fact they're by far the best network I've been on for CS. With the possible exception of Orange before the France Telecom takeover.

    To be frank I think all the networks take a dim view of people trying to squirm out of contracts after the cooling off period and before the natural end of it. How successful you are at cancelling during that time also depends a lot on how you speak to the folks on the other end of the phone. They are only human after all, if you charge in with accusations of lying as you have done here then they will not be inclined to help.

    Be nice and you may be surprised how helpful they can be...

    EDIT: Also worth asking, you never actually gave the reason why you wanted to cancel? That can have a large bearing on how receptive they can be to cancellations. Anyway, keep trying and good luck. :thumbsup:

    If you have any issues with Vodafone I'd highly recommend their excellent forum here:

    The Vodafone team that man the forum are far better than you'll get over the phone and e-mail.

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