Vodafone/Nokia N95 problems

    Has anyone had any problems with Nokia N95 black? My Hubby has Nokia N95 black on deal with vodaphone. He was under the impression he had 'unlimited' internet useage until Vodaphone rang him yesterday to say they were putting a barr on his fone as he had exceeded the fair policy usage! His next bill will be £450!! contract costs £35 per month - vodafone are going to look at his mobile to see if anything wrong with it - can't pay bill and can't understand how he could possibly have used this amount of time. help anyone!!


    think yourself lucky imagine getting a bill for $85000 for using his mobile as a modem

    full story ]here

    Canadian man gets a $85,000 mobile phone bill

    What is the fair use amount ?

    They cannot charge him for the amount he went over the "fair use", all they can do is move him onto a chargeable GPRS tariff.

    The only way they could charge him is if he had a set data bundle, and he went over the amount, then he would have to pay an Overage per MB. Voda will have daily/monthly/weekly reports showing who is going over the fair use amount & act accordingly - it looks like they are applying scare tactics.

    I'd still get the phone looked at though, as most SP's set a fair use of 200mb

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    I appreciate any welcome help (this is my first post by the way) as we are really worried about this. Vodafone said the the fair usage is 180mb per month although we weren't told about this when contract was taken out! :x

    Read the Terms & Conditions carefully & see what it says about breaking the fair use policy.

    What does your husband use the GPRS for ?

    180mb on a handset is still very high !

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    He says he doesn't use it for much inparticular (he isn't very technically minded so won't be downloading data etc.) Wondering in anyone could be tapping into his internet?

    Has he installed anything onto his phone lately ?

    Particularly via MMS or Bluetooth ?

    Thats the only way for someone else to use his phone as a modem.....

    If not, get him to back up his SIM, plug his phone into the PC, and download Nokia Software Updater.

    This will install the latest firmware onto his phone (or if he has the latest, it will re-install it) - and will wipe the phone completely & re-set to factory (better than just using the in built return to factory settings, as if a virus has hit his Symbian phone, it could be imbedded somewhere).

    Make sure the phone & PC are both plugged into the mains, as any power blip could brick the phone (not too bad, the SP will send it off to be fixed FOC - but a pain to lose your phone for 10 days !)

    I wouldn't even bother backing anything up (apart from the SIM), just in case anything has spread.

    Thats the only way you can be sure nothing is on your phone, unless your son has been logging onto "certain" sites on the phone lol

    I just got the N95 (not the black version tho) and i think the problem is that when your browsing the internet on it, its the full internet not WAP, so you can quickly eat through your allowance.

    I have a whopping 1MB allowance on o2 and it used to be fine for my old phone cos it was WAP and i only used it to check the football scores if i was away from a computer. But i managed to go over my allowance in the space of 1 afternoon checking scores on my N95 because it loads up the full webpage.

    For example i went to and saved that page to my computer and the page itself is 70KB with over 200KB of images too. So theres a farily standard webpage and its 300KB, so over the course of a month its pretty easy to go over your 180MB allowance.

    Another annoying thing i have noticed is that when you are browsing the net (or using any other application for that matter) you have to actually hit the exit button to leave the app. If you just hit the red button it will close the app but keep it running in the background without you realising. So if your on the net and hit your red button to close the browser, it will stay running in the background, and therefore stay connected to the internet!

    You might want to go to Menu > Applications > Log > Packet Data > and look at the "All Received Data" to see just how much he has downloaded.
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