Vodafone's Loyalty discounts. Save 50% on upgrades!

Found 25th Jul 2012
Hey guys I thought this might interest some of you.

My Vodafone Pay Monthly contract recently expired & as I was happy with my current phone I decided I would keep it & go for a SIM only deal.

I recently saw some limited offers online with £5 off each deal available until the 31st but thought I would have better luck over the phone.

I called up and looking at my current usage was offered the following for only £10.25!

600 mins
3000 texts
500mb Internet

I was informed that the usual price for this deal was £20.50 as stated online (currently available at £15.50 until the 31st) this was given as a 50% discount under Vodafone's loyalty scheme so I was able to save an additional £5.25 a month which equates to an extra £63 a year! Not bad for a 5 minute phone call eh! :o)

As stated there are other tarriffs available including phone upgrades so I wouold recommend you contact Vodafone to see what can be offered to you for them to keep your custom.

My call was well handled and I am happy with what I have been offered as I needed to reduce my bills drastically and as I kept my mobile I cut £30.75 off my monthly cost! :o)

If you wish to speak to the department I spoke to you can do so by doing the following:

Dial 191 on your Vodafone mobile
Input your 4 digit code when instructed
Listen to the IVR and Press 3 for upgrades and anything else
The press 2 for 'If you are thinking of leaving us'
and Voila!

When I spoke to the agent I just asked what she could do to keep me as a customer before I went elsewhere.

Good luck! This might not suit everyone but I was very happy with my resolution.
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Not sure if they really saved you a lot considering you can get 3000 minutes for £14.25 with Topcashback and 1GB data. Granted the cashback isn't guaranteed it is still better than what you have got. I reckon you got squeeze a few more minutes/data of them
You didn't get a 50% voucher then, did you? They took 50% off the price as of after the 31st. So really, you should have got it at £7.75
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