Vodaphone are a Joke!!!

    Just wanted to see if anyone knows of anyway of getting out of a Vodaphone contract?
    we had phones for 18 months with no problems, as soon as we extended the contract we have had nothing but problems, we have had to phone every month the bill is always wrong and now they have taken 120 out of my bank instead of 60! final straw!!!!
    any help much appreciated!!


    I'd recommend posting on their forum at with your problems - the Vodafone forum staff are far better than the customer services in shop and on the phone.


    cancel direct debit and pay over the phone or online like i do wach month with o2

    Should have a look at your contract, sounds like they may be breaching their side of it

    Don't get me started on Vodafone. Last 3 months bills wrong - tried to charge me £350 for internet usage, then again the following month £120.

    This month they have taken direct debit out twice. When I complained they said I had to prove they had taken it twice by taking my bank statement to my nearest store (15 miles away) then they would refund my money. I asked about ending my contract due to poor customer service, they said I could ............ for a small fee of £329 !!!! :x

    Vodaphone are a joke just told me my bill was 65 for a month when its capped at 40 what a **** take they should be called dick turpin
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