Vodaphone mobile Broandband Pay as you go DEAL please


    Am after a Vodaphone Pay as you go DEAL please

    as they do NO limit £15 top ups 1gb bUT the modem is £39

    Anyone got any discounts on the dongles? OR A BETTER DEAL SUMWHERE ELSE?…Usb




    if you go through quidco you could get 10£ so ina ffect would cost thirty pounds plus you get £5.00 dor being pay as you go i thinks so its 24.95

    Remember that its not really a no limit, they have a fair use policy.

    he means the 1gb allowance isnt time limited, you get 1gb - but it doesnt have to be used up within a month/3 month etc, as long as you log in and use within 180 days its useable

    I'm teh same, have a wwan laptop, but not sure what provider to use although netbook has vodaphone software already, but I dont actually need a dongle, so its annoying - plus i'd hate not to get quidco/ its not always a dead cert......

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    Thanks folks, keep em coming!
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