Vodaphone retentions freephone number

    They do say things balance out, and yesterday I had the good - getting a shinny new phone, and the bad - promptly deleting all my details, contacts, addresses THE LOT!
    One of the numbers i havent been able to find again has been the freephone number for the vodaphone retentions team (so you dont have to deal with all the others when renewing and getting a better deal!). From memory it was somehting like 080804060 or some such. called vodaphone and they gave me the direct number BUT its 08700703182 - SayNoTo0870 doesnt have it listed, so was wondering if there was anyone else on here that had it? Thanks



    Dial 191 and choose the option where you want to leave Vodafone and that's retention.

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    There is a freephone number from a landline to them as well though and that is what I was trying to find?
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